Monday, September 7, 2009

Nathan's first cereal

Well, technically he's had cereal in his bottle a few times to help with the acid reflux, but today we tried it with a spoon for the first time! Not a shock, but my little piggy LOVED it! In fact, we even had to make more!!! Now, we'll see how he sleeps tonight! ;-)

He's been feeling under the weather for the last few days, but a trip to the doctor today proved it to just be a good old fashioned cold (thankfully). He looks a little tired in the pictures, but super happy... you would have thought he was getting biscuits and gravy!

I will warn you - there are a lot of pictures... Mommy couldn't choose just one (or ten)! :-)

Getting ready to dig in:

The first bite:

Sean "helping":

And... when all the cereal is cleaned off of his feet/hair/ears, here's my clean - and full - baby!!