Monday, September 14, 2009

Jamie's b-day - Part 1

Although Jamie's birthday isn't technically until this Thursday, we tend to celebrate all week (or month in my case)! :-) It's a Caspers tradition that the birthday boy/girl gets to choose what they want to eat or where they want to go to eat for their birthday dinner. Jamie's new favorite place is Antonino's pizza (I personally think it's nasty, but I hear it's great if you love a BBQ chicken/tortellini pizza)... ick.

BUT, it's what the birthday boy wanted so Antonion's here we come! After pizza at Mom and Dad's comes presents!!!

And of course, to top the birthday goodness off, you get to pick your dessert! Elaine made one of his favorites... carrot cake with Chocolate icing (with LOTS of nuts... notice her creativity in spelling his name with the Walnuts... now that's made with love). :-)