Thursday, May 5, 2011

2-year well baby check-up

Okay, so I know at this point it's just called a "2 year old check-up", but it makes me feel better to say well-baby check-up, so go with it. :-)

Monday I took Nathan in for his well-baby and we got a great report. He's growing and healthy as can be! He did have to get one shot (which was major drama for about four minutes), but he was a trooper none the less. The good news... no more shots until he's 4!

Here are the stats:

Height: 32 5/8 inches (10.32%)
Weight: 22.4 pounds (2%)

I always think it's interesting to see where Sean was at the same age. At two, Sean was 30 5/8 inches (exactly two inches shorter) and 19 pounds. Quite a difference!

He's really starting to talk more, which is fun! He still babbles a lot, but he's starting to babble in sentences. When you ask him to repeat what he said, he'll babble the exact same thing - so I know he's trying to tell us something! He loves making animal sounds, Mama, bye-bye, hi, more, uh-oh, baby, circle, square and yucky. Those are the words we hear most, but it seems like he adds a new word to his vocabulary every day. But what really impresses me is his comprehension. He understands so much and can follow directions so well. It's really apparent when we read (which he LOVES to do... just like his big brother)!

I promise to post pictures from the big party soon!