Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mother's Day Tea

Last week, Sean's pre-k class at ABC hosted their annual Mother's Day Tea. Since I was able to enjoy this fantastic event, I thought it might be nice for my Mom to attend since it was open to any Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, etc. Of course Grandma was THRILLED to attend! ;-) It was a fantastic morning of which Sean thoroughly enjoyed as well! He actually sang the songs this year, and was a very gracious host for Grandma! He pulled out her chair, asked her what she would like to eat/drink, served her and of course, charmed with THIS smile:

Sean and Grandma

Mommy and Sean

Sean's painting of what I look like... spitting image, don't ya think? ;-)

Grandma reading the book Sean made for her "Things my Grandma likes" (very interesting I might add!) ;-)

Getting ready to serve the Mommies and Grandmas

The performance. Although where I was sitting I didn't get a great shot of Sean singing, you can still get the idea.


Erin said...

How CUTE! I love that little cheeser!