Wednesday, April 1, 2009

34 week update

Today was my 34 week check up/sonogram. The baby still looks super healthy, so we're SO pleased! He has moved a little and is sideways in my uterus with his shoulder or arm presenting first (this is called a transverse lie). She said that since he is measuring big, and I'm getting further along in my pregnancy, he'll probably be stuck that way - so it's a good thing I so have a c-section scheduled.

I did ask if he did happen to move, would cancel the c-section. She said that since I delivered a small baby with third degree tearing, they would not risk me delivering naturally with a larger baby. WHEW! Baby is measuring 36 1/2 weeks (2 weeks and a couple days early), but his belly is measuring 38 weeks! That kind of freaked me out at first, but he's measuring in the 69th percentile for weight. I can handle that! To put things into perspective though, Sean always measured one and a half weeks early. Um, yeah - not so much!

His heartbeat was a solid 147, and my blood pressure is 120/60 - still nice and low! I go back again on the 15th and then start going every week (a total of 3 more appointments before his birthday!!!). We're less than a month away now... hard to believe!