Monday, April 20, 2009

Long time no post...

Well! It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted... lots to report!

First... Happy Belated Easter! We had a wonderful Easter with my extended family! It's been so long since we have all been able to get together, so it was truly a nice treat. My friend Aubrey (whose husband is in Texas already - she'll be going him upon her graduation in May) was able to join us. She is truly one of the family!

Second, last week brought us a little scare. Dad was admitted to the hospital due to dizziness and confusion, but quickly got better (thankfully). I think he was just trying to beat me to the hospital! Just kidding! Actually, I'm very thankful, as we all are, that everything was okay. All tests have come back normal thus far, and they were even able to confirm he has a brain! He has a few more tests that will be performed over the next couple of weeks. We hope those come back "normal" as well, but we would love to know what caused his episode. Regardless, he's back to work this week and remaining healthy!

Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers for Dad. We truly appreciate it!


WifeInLaw said...

Awww ... sniff sniff ... that's sweet!