Tuesday, April 28, 2009

38 week check up

Technically my 38 week check up isn't supposed to be until tomorrow. But thanks to some contractions that started around 5:00 this morning, it got moved to today. The nurse wanted me to come in for a non-stress test (NST) to see if I was contracting. Once again, the contractions proved to be non-productive, so back to work I went!

Dr. Dillard was kind enough to go ahead and do my appointment today so I don't have to head back tomorrow. The consent forms are signed and I'm ready to go for Friday (unless my water breaks before then). My blood pressure is up just a little (134/78), but still well within the normal range. The baby's heartbeat ranged throughout the testing from 140 - 165, so still good and strong. I'm still hanging in there with normal nine-months pregnant aches and pains, but have really started to swell in the foot/ankle/leg area. It's always interesting when your doctor even says, "OH MY!" as she looks at what was formerly known as my feet/ankles. Of course she recommends staying off of my feet as much as possible and elevate, elevate, elevate!

Only two more days of work, so hopefully I can make it... I'm on the home stretch!