Wednesday, April 22, 2009

37 Week check up

First, let me wish a Happy Birthday to Aunt Wendy! We hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Today was my second to last doctor's appointment until baby's birthday!!!! Not too much new to report... everything is still going really well. The baby's heartbeat was 136, I've lost track of how much weight I've gained, but I think it's around 20 pounds now (which is really good since I gained 40 with Sean!), and my blood pressure was still nice and low at 120/72!

Other than swelling (which has set in full force) I'm doing pretty well. The end of the day is hard for me - I just am so exhausted and sore, but I know it will all soon be worth it. The doctor did advice to cut back on salts, which of course now makes me want to eat only salty things! :-) The baby is still transverse, so he seems to be quite comfortable in that position (which makes for a funny looking belly), but that doesn't prevent him from boxing my bladder every five seconds!

They did hook me up for another NST (non-stress test) today to make sure I wasn't having contractions that I just wasn't feeling. After 20 minutes on the machine, they had to come in and "wake the baby up"... that got him going so we sat and monitored for another 30 minutes. No contractions and his heartrate was good.

I think Sean is starting to sense that things will be changing soon... he's very much been all about Mama lately (which of course "Mama" loves!). I am so anxious for him to meet the baby - he's going to be so great with him - I just know it!

Next Wednesday (April 29th) is my last appointment. They are going to have us sign all the forms that day so that when we go on Friday (at 5:30 a.m.) we will have that all out of the way. In some ways I'm SUPER ready for this pregnancy to be over, but in a small way, I'll miss the miracle of this wonderful baby growing inside of me. Childbirth is truly a miracle - how do people not believe?!?