Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is it...

This is my last post before being a Mommy of TWO! It's really hard to put into words everything I'm feeling. Anxious, excited, nervous, happy, sad - you name it I'm feeling it!

First, I'm so grateful to Jamie for being such a WONDERFUL husband - especially through this pregnancy. Although I think my hormones have been somewhat in check, he may tell you otherwise. :-) More importantly, he's been such a big help around the house and with Sean when physcially I just couldn't do things. Although he says two is his favorite age for kids, I remember him with Sean as a baby like it was yesterday. It still makes me tear up when I picture him holding Sean for the first time - Sean looking up at him with those big brown eyes. Jamie looking down at Sean with pure amazement. Ugh, hold on... have to get a tissue...

Tomorrow we will welcome Nathan to our family. It truly is hard to imagine loving anyone more than we love Sean, but I know we will. Thankfully parents do or Jamie and I wouldn't be here! :-) (No comments Elaine...) I wonder what he's going to look like (me MAYBE??) - will he look like Sean as a baby? How big will he be? Will he have lots of hair? Will he know how much he's already loved?

Then there's the other side of me... will Sean know we still love him more than ever? Will he know that no matter what happens, we will ALWAYS be there for him? Will he know how Nathan will look up to him and at some point in his life think, "I want to be just like my big brother?" Will he know how blessed he is to have a sibling?

It's so crazy how families fall into routines, and here, in less than 24 hours, ours will change for... the better. Such an overwhelming, emotional time. I pray that everything goes well tomorrow, and I THANK GOD every day for my AMAZING family!!!!