Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby/Sean update

Last week began my weekly appointments with the doctor... plus an added trip due to some contractions. All is well with the baby (still transverse, but healthly) - I was having some irregular contractions, but they are considered "unproductive". I go back this Wednesday and then one more appointment the following Wednesday... then, it's Baby's birthday!!! All-in-all, I'm feeling pretty good. Swelling has set in and I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs, but what do you expect when you are 37 weeks pregnant! Yep, that's right - today I am officially full term! So, if the baby comes on it's own (although it would still be a c-section), he should be a-okay!

At my Wednesday appointment, my blood pressure was still excellent and the baby's heartbeat was a strong 166. Monday, I had ketones in my urine, but Wednesday they were gone (as was the possibility of a bladder infection). So, minus the normal aches and pains (back, etc.) of pregnancy, I'm plugging right along!!!

Last Thursday my friends Amy and Heather threw me a "shower" at Olive Garden for some friends from church. It was a lovely time! I even had the pleasure of some non-church friends join us (thanks Kelly and Beth!). We are truly blessed with so many wonderful friends (church, work, school) who have so generously blessed us with new things for the baby! I truly didn't expect it with a second child, but we have truly appreciated each and every thing that has been done!

Sean is doing really, really well! His appetite continues to increase and we're hoping this means a growth spurt is around the corner. His language seems to increase and improve daily, and he is constantly cracking us up with his phrases, giggles, funny faces, and "Good job Mama!" He's starting to count and get his ABC's, although we still skip quite a few - but hey, he's trying! He is also doing really well on the potty (at school)... at home he still likes to sit on it with his clothes on. :-)

Hard to believe in just over 10 days he'll be a big brother. He is going to be an amazing big brother, but he will ALWAYS be my baby! I promise I'll post more pictures of the cutie pie soon!!!!